HCT works closely with hospitals and other healthcare organizations around the country to provide quality interim talent as well as consulting services.

HCT provides hospitals and healthcare systems with experienced, quality executive level placements. We understand how a void in a key leadership position can drastically affect the quality of patient care and your ability to reach your operational goals.  That’s why we’ve set up our business to quickly respond to your immediate need for experienced and qualified executive level talent.

  • Time it takes for you to receive profiles for qualified candidates
    Only 48 Hours

  • Time it takes to start the onboarding process after you select a candidate
    Only 24 Hours

  • Time it takes after the 1st interview for an interim to start working for you
    Only 1-2 Weeks

A hospital and healthcare service firm created to respond quickly to your requests.

We offer consulting, training and expert speakers to help improve your organization’s financial performance, operational efficiency and clinical quality so you can positively impact your bottom line while maintaining the quality of your services.